DIY Cake Stands

20121205-180733.jpgI used to run a vintage tea service hire company for weddings and partys, alongside my main business but soon realised that my love for vintage was stronger than my love for revenue! I was constantly buying tea sets, tea pots, cake stand etc, I just couldn’t resist them. However, I was spending more money than I was receiving in hire fees and my fiance was becoming increasingly annoyed with crockery being under every bed, shelf and closet.

I wanted to keep them all but knew I would never use them all so I trialed selling the tea sets on Etsy. Etsy is a fantastic worldwide online vintage and craft market for buyers and sellers. It’s extremely easy to use and I’m even able to check my account any time, from an app on my iPhone. It gives the sellers precise statistics on how many views you had at your shop and individual items, allowing you to see what items are popular. Trends began to appear and I realised that cake stands were in huge demand. I had struggled to find cake stands and unfortunately, some had been broken or stolen when used for shoots and partys.

I’m totally against splitting tea sets up, even though I’m constantly told that they are worth more individually than together. I believe tea sets should be kept together and think of them as being a family…something like Mrs Potts and Chip from Beauty and the Beast! Some of these sets are older than I am and that fact that they have made it this far as a family, is a credit to their manufacturer and their loving owners that kept them safe. ( I always feel sadness and quite guilty when I break an item )

One of my favourite places to buy vintage items are car boot sales and charity shop. I use a fantastic local car boot named Bowlers in Manchester. You can really pick up some cheap items and I’ve found quite a few cake plates that have become ‘orphaned’ from their family. These haven’t been selling aswell as I would have like so I had an idea.

I found a collection of small thick glass vases/ wine glasses for £1 each, in a charity shop and bought enough for my plates. I made sure the rims, top and bottom, had flat edges to ensure the plates were stable when resting on them with some weight. I also found some ceramic superglue at my local supermarket and marked the centre of the underside of the plate. You can easily do this by measuring the diameter with a tape measure, then halving it to find the radius or centre. If you then measure the plate again at a 90 degree angle from the last measurement, it should give you a clear indication of the exact centre. Or, you could just wing it?? As I like to do!

Your chosen cake plate should be upside down and well as your chosen glass vase. Apply an even layer of glue to the rim and then place it over the centre of the plate. Leave it for 24 hours to set, don’t be tempted to turn it the right way around.

And voila! A home-made, vintage cake stand in exactly the style that you love. These cost me around £2 to make each and the great thing is, you can mix and match to make a creative table centre piece. These are also fantastic as gifts, partys, weddings or just simply as home decoration.


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