DIY Christmas Tags.

20121207-152504.jpgThis Christmas, 2012, will be my daughter’s 5th Christmas and she’s at the stage where she still believes in Father Christmas but questions if something doesn’t make sense to her. We’ve had to be careful when discussing the whole holiday and I knew that this year would be different from others.

Knowing my daughter, I know 100% that she will question the wrapping paper. She will ask why her presents are wrapped in the same paper that mummy’s and daddy’s presents are wrapped in. She’s been told that Father Christmas bring’s presents for the children but the mummy’s and daddy’s buy each other presents as we’re not children anymore (although I beg to differ…I’m 29 and still feel like a kid). Lily even goes shopping with us individually and helps to pick the other parent’s present, which she loves!

So, I’ve had to hide Lily’s present paper and this has got to be the traditional Christmas themed paper. However, I come from a huge family and like to give/ make more than one present for each person, even if’s it’s a main present and a small box of chocs. Therefore I tend to use a lot of wrapping paper. I find it so expensive and an additional cost that you never seem to budget for. As of last year, I decided to wrap all adult presents in brown paper that you can buy from the Post Office. It’s so cheap and you get lots of metres, more than you would with Christmas paper. As the paper is quite bland, it needs some dressing up. I don’t like to buy tags, ‘why buy it when I can make it?’.

You can either make your own tags from coloured card or Kraft card, or buy blank tags that work out a lot cheaper than Christmas tags. An essential buy when working with brown paper items is string. It compliments the paper beautifully, and again is so cheap! All these items I have been able to buy from Tescos or the Post Office.20121207-145519.jpg

For these presents, I’ve decided to use the blank tags and dress them up. I managed to get hold of some craft paper cutters, reasonably cheap at a local craft fair but I know they are available from places like HobbyCraft.

Items you need:

  • blank tags
  • string
  • ribbon (your colour of choice)
  • scissors
  • pencil and ruler
  • white paper/card
  • glue
  • hole puncher20121207-145527.jpg

I punched snowflakes out and stuck 3 of them on the first craft tag. With the left over card used, I cut out a rectangle and stuck the rectangle on the tag. Both so simple to make and minimising wastage.20121207-145542.jpg20121207-145535.jpg

I punched out more snowflakes for the next tag and embossed the bottom of the tag with the ‘heart’ punch. I stuck a snowflake above the heart and all finished! Simples ;-)20121207-145548.jpg

If you don’t have any punchers, then you can make your own accessories for the tags. One of my favourite, simple ones is a pinwheel.Depending on the size of your tag (measure the width) you need a perfect square small enough to fit within the tag walls. My tags were 4 1/2 cm wide so I measured a square at 3 1/2 cm. From the top left hand corner using a pencil and ruler, draw a diagonal like to the opposite corner so you have two triangles. Do this on the opposite side to give you 4 triangles.20121207-145555.jpg20121207-145602.jpg

Then from the centre of the triangles, measure 1/2 cm along the lines and lightly mark them. You will need to cut from the outer corners of the square paper, up to the 1/2cm mark. Fold each triangle into the centre until all 4 of them meet and glue them down. You will need to use something as a centre for the pinwheel and if you want to be more creative, use a button or bead but I’ve found that a hole puncher creates the perfect size for these mini pinweheels and are really quick to do. Try and use a contrasting colour from your pinweel and glue it in the centre to cover the corners. This is now ready to be stuck on your tag!20121207-145614.jpg

I’ve already wrapped up a couple of my fiance’s presents in the brown paper and I’m using string and white ribbon to tie around them. If you place your ribbon/ string over the top of the present (right way up) and then fold underneath making a criss cross shape and then bringing the ribbon/string back up again to the right way up. Place your tag through the ribbon/ string and tie neatly in a bow. 20121207-145621.jpgAll done! All you have to do now is write your Christmas message.



The home made brownie mixture jars will be featured on different post so watch out!


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