DIY Christmas Wreath

20121212-111006.jpgSo I was looking at wreaths in the shops and just kept thinking, “They’re ok, expensive, and I could probably make that myself”. As my motto is ‘Why buy it when you can make it’, I saw a challenge. My challenge was the spend as little money as possible and make a beautiful wreath for my front door.


Firstly, I needed an artificial base wreath. I will at one point, make a wreath totally from scratch, but for now I didn’t want to make too hard for myself. Tesco’s had small artificial base wreaths for 77 pence each, but they only measured about 8 inches diameter so I bought 2. I decided I wanted some sparkle on the wreath but nothing too big so I found some small baubles, also as Tescos for about 66p. They came in a box of 12 but I only used half so I decided to make my mum a wreath too!


I wanted to make the wreath look as natural as possible but I took a walk to the local park for inspiration. I remembered there was holly leaves but found loads of goodies when I got there and took some cuttings. I found 2 different colours of Holly leaves, 2 kinds fir-tree leaves, red berries and ivy leaves. I also found some other leaves that I didn’t recognise but I thought would look really effective. As a trial, I thought I’d start basic, see how it went and then for the next wreath, I’d go all out.20121212-111048.jpg

So first I cut the small wreaths in half , reshaped them into semi circles and tied the ends together with string. All the artificial branches needed to be pulled and bushed out but it still looked untidy.  I ran my hand clockwise over the branches to create some uniformity and made sure the branches all pointed in the same direction.. I hot glued the ends of the 2 wreaths together to make double sure it will stay together.

I then started to add the fir leaves by hot gluing them and tucking the artificial branches over the glued area. This ensures the real leaves will stay put. Make sure that the real leaves point in the same direction as the artificial leaves. Equally space out the leaves.20121212-111029.jpg

Add the holly leaves by again hot gluing them to the wreath and placing them equally and spaced around the wreath. Do this until you’ve added as many different types of leaves as you want.20121212-111038.jpg

I cut the string off the baubles and hot glued the hole end to the wreath so it was hidden away. Only the ball of the bauble is showing. These baubles are glittery and frosty so I have spaced them out equally around the wreath.20121212-111017.jpg

Now I needed to attach it to the door and with the theme of the wreath being green, cream and gold, I manage to find some ivory satin ribbon in my craft cupboard and cut it 12″ long. If yo don’t have ribbon and don’t want to buy some, you can used string, wool etc.  I tied the ribbon ends together, this is where it will hang from the door. I don’t like sticking anything to the door so I stuck it to the top of the door frame where the tape can’t be seen. You can buy suction hooks at the supermarket if you don’t like using tape.

I also found some wide golden ribbon and thought it would look really pretty if I made it into a bow and tied on the wreath to finish it off. However, this was optional as the wreath looked great without it but it added a touch a sparkle.20121212-110958.jpg

I spent a total of about £1.80! I’ve got lots of leaves left and baubles so now I’m going to get on and make my mums! Give it a go…take a walk to the park and see what you find. On my travels, I also took these pictures in my park. Can you see the squirrels? Isn’t nature wonderful!



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