DIY iPhone New Baby Pictures

Capturing those first days and weeks of a new born baby are so precious but it can be expensive if you use a professional photographer or studio. We used a studio for our first child when she was a few weeks old.  The photos were amazing but the studio give us any indication of cost until a week later when they invited us back to view the edited images. For 4 photos, we were quoted £1600 when we only expected a couple of hundreds.
Since then, we found a studio that was reasonably priced but still, it worked out at a few hundreds of pounds for 4 photos. With January being an expensive month ( bought a bigger house, baby arrived and month after Christmas.) I knew we couldn’t afford more professional photographs but wanted images wall worthy.
After finding various photo apps on my iPhone, and playing around with what they could do,  I was able to create some images that I’m rather proud of, seeing as I have no professional photography experience.
I managed to create these photos by placing baby on a white blanket on my bed (for cushioning for baby). I wanted pictures of his little details as it’s always something you forget when they get older. He didn’t like bring undressed at the early stage (day 7), so I took off as much as he would let me and the covered the rest of his body that wasn’t bring photographed.  I ended up with lots of images as he kept moving so once I had a few good ones, I picked my best. I then used ‘InsBeFunkyFx’ app to zoom in on the pics and clip any unnecessary detail out. I chose my favourite images, used ‘Instagram’and the ‘Willow’ effect to make it black snd white.  Someone once told me that black and white photographs highlight your best features and hides your worst.  Bsby had very dry flaky skin at the time but you can barely tell in these.

I then came across ‘Piccollage’ app and created this. I used this image to send to family members to print out themselves.  The centre image was done when he was about weeks old. I’d bought him the blocks as a Christmas present for him before he was born, and to include my little girl, I asked her to open it for him. She loved this as it meant she got to open more presents!  They cost me £1 from Poundland! Again, I lay him on a white blanket and stood directly over him with my feet at either aside of him.  Something to remember is to do this in day light for natural light. I did these shots on sunny days when we had a dry winter (Jan/feb) and made sure he was close to the window where he can stay warm but the lights the best. Also, turn your flash off, it creates unwanted colouring.

These next images were took on day 7, the day we moved house! The bedroom was the last room to be done and you wouldn’t be able to tell that behind my mum ( who took the photo and is actually quite bad at taking photographs) it’s total chaos! There were bags and boxes behind her and all down the side of the bed where I was sitting. I simply asked her to capture the bed centre of the camera and to make sure my whole body was in the image. By tapping the screen once on my body, it meant she Gould focus in on me and the quality of the picture was instantly better and minimised blurring. For the close ups she needed to walk around the side of the bed.  I was really conscious of how big my body looked and my still swollen belly but I’ve realised I should be proud of these. I had just given birth. My body had made a person and knew how to feed that little person. What a wonderful gift!



Again I used BeFunkyFx to crop the images and Instagram ‘Willow’ To change the colouring. I also used the circular blurring effect in Instagram but only as the bed was messy and I didn’t want it to take the attention away from us.


I then came across another app called ‘Instacollage’ and very quickly came up with this!



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