I wear your grandad clothes

Well, maybe not your grandad’s…Having given birth 8 weeks ago and feeding my little one, my body is still changing, so the idea of spending lots of cash on new clothes that may not fit me for too long, didn’t seem very sensible. Also, I just feel bad spending money on myself when I have 2 children and a bigger mortgage, as we moved home 7 weeks ago and I’m on a lower income being on maternity leave… Yes, we moved exactly 7 days after I gave birth.

I discovered our local carboot sale, Bowlers, when we realised we had lots of junk to get rid of before the move. When I say carboot sale, I mean a giant warehouse with hundreds of stalls! We made £300 in 2 Sundays and used the money to put towards the baby’s pram.

So, after I had the little one, I was always up early from feeds and made some trips to the car boot. I am so pleased with my finds and don’t feel guilty having a new wardrobe! I spent less than £10 for all these goodies!

Every week I’m going to post my carboot finds to show you what’s available out there and that you don’t need to appends loads to look good.


This look cost me £5. The top cost £2, the jegging cost £1 and the shoes were bought on a previous occasion at the same car boot at £2. They are real leather shoes from Dune and had never been worn!


This is just the denim shirt that cost £1 and I’ve teamed it with a H&M skirt and knee high boots.


T-shirt above, ( no this is not the front :-) ) cost £1 and jeans below from River Island cost £2.35.



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