New home, second hand decor

20130404-142443.jpgWe moved into a bigger home 11 weeks ago and as I’m on maternity leave, I’m home quite a lot looking after my 10 week old baby. The house is a detached new build and is only 8 years old, therefore its almost like moving into a blank canvas of a house. The walls are painted white or beige, although for some reason the hall is yellow? The house we moved from was over 100 years old, were there were 20 multicoloured paint layers on the woodwork, the walls needed damp proofing, the walls were in poor condition so either needed replastering or wallpapering. We did as much as we could but when we found out we were expecting our 2nd child, we quickly put it on the market. Finding a new build that didn’t need any work was defiantly refreshing to find! I wish I’d taken before pictures of our old home before we did the work…I remember the bright sunflower yellow walls in the kitchen and the dirty old bathroom suite with a blue floor. The wallpaper in the bedroom was orange and the carpet was red!

In our new home, there’s more rooms, more windows, more bathrooms, more garden ( we actually didn’t have a garden, just a tiny yard ) and overall, the rooms are bigger, therefore more wall space. Mmmm what to fill the walls with??? Because of the neutral wall colours which aren’t sore to look, for now, the rooms are liveabe until they are painted. So the idea is to make the house look homely until we can spend more time and money on it.

As you know, I’m a hugh fan of up-cycling so whilst my partner is at work, instead of spending all our hard earned cash on new accessories for the house, I’ve been scouring the charity shops and car boots. It’s like a little treat to see what treasures I can find and how little I can spend. I sometimes buy items there is no need for but are undeniably beautiful and it would be a shame to miss out on it. Such an item is this beautiful tea pot I found just last week at the local charity shop. It cost me £1. The reason I bought it, other than it being lovely in so many ways, is good tea pots are so difficult to come by. They always seem to be missing from a tea set or chipped. The gold paint is in perfect condition, as is the paint work and the overall look. For now, this tea pot sits in my glass cupboard on display in the kitchen but I have other idea’s for it.


20130404-180954.jpg Just before I received my camera for my birthday present, I came across this DSLR. I haven’t bought any batteries for it yet so I don’t know if works. But if it doesn’t, I have only lost the £1 I paid for it, plus the cost of batteries. But if it work, I have a spare camera! 20130404-142524.jpg All the items below are from recent trips to the carboot and charity shops. I love my little finds. We live in a very small town which has a huge supermarket that sells homeware. I find that everyone in our town has the same clothes and deco because its just convenient to shop here. I’m creating a stylish and unique home for my family without it costing a fortune to do so. My only problem is that when people enquire where I got my items from, I’m so pleased with my finds, instead of telling them a lie, I tell them the truth. I need to learn to be quiet about my secret shopping sprees! What do you think of my finds?

The picnic basket below picked up brand new with items still in it and wrapped up. This cost me £5 but I’ve used it numerous times for picnics. However, it’s predominantly sat in the shed so I’m now putting it to good use in the house…although I’ve not decided what ill use it for yet?


I really struggled with how I wanted my mantle to look, but after lots of pinning, I saw a trend in all my pictures. Odd numbers spooked more effected and various sized items. I found the glass items at my local charity shop for £1 each and the wooden candle stick 50p from the car boot. The tall brown vase is a store buy, however, the spring branches are from a tree near my home on a wild patch of grass.



The teacup, teapot and jewellery box came cellotaped together from a charity shop. They are Royal Albert Old Country Rose bone china. I could not believe my luck when I came across these as there are a lot of cheap reproductions. They cost me 5 for the set! The tea cup currently resides on my bookshelf but the other items are in my glass cupboard until I can find a home for them.



I found these two mirrors at the car boot on the same day. With having 3 bathrooms, I knew we’d need a few to dot about. The oval mirror, £1, is vintage and is only about 10 inches long but it has mother of pearl imbedded in the wooden frame. The rectangle mirror, £1, is perfect for our downstairs bathroom but needs a good lick of paint first.



I love little baskets, they come in handy all the time. I originally bought this from the car boott for £1 to store toilet rolls. However, my little girl was storing her tights in my dresser as she hand ran out of drawers in her wardrobe, and this basket was a perfect fit, as you can see! Now I have my drawers back.


The candle holder was spotted by my partner. That week, we’d been watching ‘Antique’s Roadshow’ ( gosh I’m getting old,) when they brought out a similar looking one. It ended up being worth around £30,000. So when he saw this, not only would it make an attractive centre piece for our new dining table, it was a great vintage find that could possibly be worth some pennies!


The large mirror I found for £3 and its in perfect condition, no scratches etc. This is for the hallway entrance, but again, will get a lick of paint first. I wish I’d seen this before we bought the £40 mirror above the mantle!



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