A twist on Biker Jackets

At first, I was not a huge fan of the leather biker jacket. I would only see one type of girl wearing it and I knew for sure I wasnt that girl. It appealed to the 18-25 year olds who were able to fir into size 8 clothes. I turned 30 this weekend and after having 2 beautiful children, no longer fit into size 8 clothes. Plus after feeding the children myself, my chest has grown considerably so I have to wear size 12 tops/coats.

However , I came across a pink suede biker jacket last year and fell n love with it. It looked stylish without making me look like mutton. Unfortunatly, as I only had my little boy 10 weeks ago, I’ve not had much change to wear it because of my growing bumo and changing body. I’m looking forward to trying my new look out, especislly as I gave in to the black look. Naughty me.

Ive been able to observe fashion recently and realised te black leather biker jacket has become quite iconic and a fashion must have. Women of all ages and sizes arr wering the jacket and it looks fantastic on them! Very flattering and looks quite smart with almost any look.

Whilst looking for my black leather jacket, (30th birthday present) I came across lots of varations of in various material…and im not talking about the poly-plastic material because that’s just nasty! Jackets have been designed to suiy all tastes and looks so when Elle magazine posted about the versatility about the classic biker jacket, I knew I wasn’t making a fashion faux pas by buying one. Especially as I now feel ‘old’!

It inspired me to open a Polyvore account and show you what’s available from the high street today. Check out http://www.blossomtreehouseblog.polyvore.com for more info.



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