50 Shades of anything but Grey

Forgive me but I’m going to use motherhood as an excuse again for my poor styling. I’m forever dipping my hands into hot water, whether its cleaning dishes, cleaning the house, cleaning bottles or just cleaning my hands as I have a newborn. This pretty much means that my hands are dry, my nails are thin, break easily. There is NO chance I can wear polish because in 3 hours of  doing my mummy duties, the polish will, have chipped off and looked disgusting and untidy.

In a recent post, I took a picture of myself, was ready to upload it and was horrified to discover my varnish had chipped! I decided not to upload the pic, but now that I’ve explained, I don’t mind showing you the picture here.


Ugly nails right??

Todays post from Elle magazine inspired me to take some time this morning and give myself a quick manicure. This is only possible at the weekend unfortunately, as I’m either too tired or too busy with feeds, school runs or the dreaded housework to even think about taking 10 minutes for myself. Appalling right! I’m actually breastfeeding as I type this! Here’s me enjoying a McDonald’s coffee, feeding, writing and my pretty coral polish.


Also, one of the other reasons why I hardly ever wear polish is I never know what colour to wear. What’s in fashion?

Elle’s made it a lot easier for me with their top 50 shades and not only are the colours lovely, and I already have a few similar in my little pink box, the ones I’d like to buy are reasonably cheap. You know me, always after a bargain. So if you’d like to see Elle’s top 50 shades, click here. For my shortlisted shades under £5, look below!


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