Tea and Pearls


I’ve never had a good system for organising my jewellery and it all gets shoved in a box. Eventually, it gets tangled, broken and forgotton about.  I can never find the other earring or I end up buying new items even though I have a similar one hidden somewhere beneath the ball of 20 tangled chains and earrings.


As you know, I’m a big fan of vintage crockery and had an idea when photographing my collection {which will be coming up in a later post}.

After unloading all of my collection from the shed, I picked out enough pretty tea cups and saucers as well as a pretty sugar bowl. Knowing that I couldn’t fit all of my jewelley in the drawer, neitner did I want to, I picked out my most used pieces, and pieces I’d like to use more of. My other jewellery can be stored away in my wardobe in a smaller box.

To make it easy to find pieces, I devided my jewellery between ‘pearls’, ‘diamante necklaces,’ ‘rings’, ‘everyday necklaces’ and  ‘earrings’.


I’m always leaving my engagement ring, earring studs and bracelet lying around the bathroom and bedsaide cabinet. I have lost count the number of times I’ve lost earrings because of this or spent time looking for them because I’d forgotten where I’d put them. So I decided to keep a tea cup on my bedside table and as I’m currently changing my bedroom colours to grey snd yellow, I’ve used this tea cup to fit in with my theme.


What do you think?


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