Coral Crazy


After my recent post here, I decided I should invest in the spring nail polishes. After all, they are under £5 so I’m not breaking the bank. Plus, nail polishes always look different on and some don’t brush on very well.

Here’s coral crazy by maybelline. I’ve applied two coats so hopefully ill get a few days wear out of it. It went on great and had a thick gel texture. We will see, however if it passes the ultimate test, ‘Staying put on a mother’ as you know we are forever with our hands in water.


You must forgive my hands, I didn’t realise how ‘unmodel’ they looked until I took these pictures. I always thought I had ‘ok’ hands. They are of course, a little dry as I didn’t have time to moisturise then in between baby feeds and school run. As they say, ‘ Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s maybelline’. Definitely maybelline in my case.


Hopefully, it will give you a clear ability to see the colour and quality of the colour. Are you coral crazy?


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