Paleo Tastic!


Something quite astonishing happened to me recently and it’s totally changed the way I live! It all started when a friend of mine is attending an extensive baking/pastry where she studies the origins of food, their chemical properties and their benefits to the body. We were having a discussion about my mum’s celiac disease when she told me that humans were never supposed to consume wheat, milk and peanuts as our bodies struggle with them. We’ve eventually evolved to tolerate rate them but there are still people who cannot eat them, hence people with gluten, lactose and nut allergies! This made perfect sense to me! Of course we were never meant to drink milk! After taking our mothers milk for growth, we should have sought calcium from another source, cows milk is for their calf.

For some time, however, I didn’t do anything with this info. I saw some info every now and then on Paleo diets but skipped over it.

It wasn’t until I had a visit from my health visitor to check on the progress of baby T did things start to come together. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the health visitor that pushed me in the right direction, but her lack of knowledge, which utterly shocked me.

Baby T was weighed and unfortunately wasn’t putting on weight as he should. He was in the 9th centile and should be in the 50th. His last weigh in was in the 25th centile so was obviously dropping in weight. I was so upset with this news and quite concerned with his health. As a breast-feeding mother, I knew that this was my responsibility and I must be doing something wrong.

At first I couldn’t understand what I was doing wrong. I was eating really healthily, more so than before my pregnancy. I eat a healthy cereal, a pasta dish for dinner and then a healthy meat and veg dish. I walked at least 4 miles everyday doing the school run and some days I walked more.

I soon realised after laying out my daily routine that I didn’t eat breakfast until about 10am when I finally had time to sit down. From 7.30am, I fit in two feeds, dress T, help L get ready for school and then walk 2 miles to get her there on time. I’m using up my calories on my energy instead of passing them into T. Even though he’s feeding, they are empty calories that I’ve stored from the evening before meal and using for energy in the morning. From my evening meal to my breakfast, T has about 5 feeds. What exactly is he getting in my milk?? Very little.

Same through the day, I was eating healthily and calorie counting. I drank water and green tea knowing that they are good for me but contained little calories. I thought I was helping my baby by eating and drinking so well. As well as introducing him to varying flavours. ( they say your breastfeeding child will grow up with the same appetite as the mother as they’ve got used to the taste in breast milk). Also, having put on more weight than I would have liked during pregnancy, I was determined to lose it all.

I had worked out that I was eating 1500 calories a day but burning a lot of this in breastfeeding and general day-to-day energy burning.

I had been starving my child!

Hoping the health visitor could give me some suggestions on eating more calories but still remaining healthy, I asked her advice. All she could tell me was to snack on biscuits, fruit etc and to eat at 8am instead of 10am.

This advice didn’t seem like the advice I should expect from a trained health specialist. Eat biscuits? I didn’t want to put sugar into my body. Surely there had to be something better to eat than biscuits?

So I took her advice and began to eat more sugary calories to help T. In the mean time, another friend of mine seemed concerned at the advice the health visitor gave me and sent me this link. Fat

When I read this I was in utter shock. This was simple basic nutritional information that everyone should be aware of. Especially breast-feeding mothers. As body conscious as we are after having a baby, we want to eat healthy nutritional food that will give us enough energy to get through the difficult and tiresome day, as well as have enough calories left over to feed out infants. Why was this info not readily available to everyone and passed onto new mothers??

So I began to look into the ‘caveman’ Paleo diet a lot more. Basically, we should be eating what our cavemen ancestors ate. Raw foods. Raw veg and meat. Yes you can cook the meat but everything in our body should be free from preservatives, additives and pesticides. It should be as natural as possible so grass-fed and free range meat as much as possible and naturally occurring fruit and veg. No potatoes or wheat as this gives us the wrong type of energy. Instead, we need to source our energy from good calories such as avocados, coconut and almonds, as well as many others.

I’m not an expert so please read into this a lot more before you take my word for this.  The Paleo diet has been proven by scientists to enhance our lives. If we’re not consuming pesticides, additives and all that **** that goes with it, it should free us from diseases such as cancer and alzeihmers.

This was 4 weeks ago. Since then, baby T has been weighed twice and he’s back on track! Also, I’ve lost loads of weight. I am now a few llbs lighter than before I conceived baby T. I am so pleased that I found Paleo. It has revolutionised the way I live!


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