£10 Shopping Spree

I’ve been away for a while. I’ve been so tired with the new baby and the new home so I took a little break.

I’m back however with this weeks carboot buys. I spent less money this week and bought more quality items.


This black and white strip cost 50p and would cost normally on the high street shop, NEXT about £16.

The navy and white nautical skirt cost £1.


I wasn’t sure about this bat-wing dress but the seller encouraged me to give it a try for 50p. How could I say no? The shoes cost £1. They are practically new, just have some dust marks.


The skirt seemed perfect for this spring/summer. It cost £1!


The dress rather short! But I can wear it with tights or a little tan and confidence! Didnt think I would fit in this but I appear to have lost a significant amount of weight. ?.breastfeeding being a main contributor.


My big find was these grey All Saint’s jeans.  I wouldn’t have even picked these up until the seller told her daughter off for selling them because theyd origanally cost so much money. I still put them down when I noticed the 27 inch waist thinking I was a few months and a lot of hard work to fit into them. The seller then told me I might as well give them a try at 50p! They fit!



v been loving the nautical theme recently and found this hanky!  It’s too small fof me so im going to use it in baby’s room, not sure how yet.



I picked up this Topshop AZTEC  for 50p andvthis H&M T for 50p too. Bargains! !


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