DIY Beach Dress


I am looking to a much deserved break next week. We’re heading to Abersoch in Wales. I’ve been visiting since I was around 16 years old and a few years ago introduced Paul to its many wonders. He loved it of course. Who wouldn’t?

The village is surrounded by the sea and countless beautiful beaches. You’d never be able to see them all in a short week. It’s always a heartbreak to leave as it’s like home from home to me. After 14 years of holidaying there, it holds many precious memories for me with the most important people in my life.


It was my first time holidaying away from my family and 10 years later became my first daughter’s holiday. This year, baby T will enjoy his first holiday on its glorious beaches. There’s not just the beaches to enjoy. There’s treks, boat rides, horse rides, music festivals, quaint little cafe’s and walks.


It’s just a short drive away from the shopping town Porthmadog and the famous Portmeirion.


Don’t just take my word for it, here’s some images courtesy of of some of my favourite beaches.

And here’s some of last years trip. I was around 4 months pregnant on our trip and now I have a 4 month baby to add to our journey.



Anyway, if you read this article, you will have seen the T-shirt I picked up at the car boot. I love the design but not the actual shape. I knew I wouldn’t wear it as the round neck makes me look big because of my chest size. I have plenty of  T-shirts but nothing beach worthy that’s not too show offy but a British beach.

So with Abersoch almost here and Camp Bestival in August, I thought a beach/festival dress was perfect!

First I cut the sleeves off at the hem and then decided how far I wanted my new ‘sleeves’ to be. I then cut this new shape into the T.

Then I cut off the collar. Don’t worry if the cut isnt’ quite perfect, it goes with the look of ‘thrown together’.

Also, you need to stretch the new cuts. This will make the fabric roll around the edges and the new cuts won’t be as visible if you’re trying to hide your bad craftsman ship. Worked for me. I was rushing to get this done in between feeding baby T and washing the dishes.



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