DIY Maternity Pictures

EI wished someone could have done this for me when I was pregnant. The truth is, I had all intentions to do it myself but I didn’t have my Nikon camera until my birthday 2 months ago. Baby T was already 2 months old by then.  Also, I was always so tired. My body ached and the idea of doing my hair, my make-up and finding something to wear that would look good in the pictures and compliment my bump was just too much to think about.

So I am so pleased that I got the chance to do this for my brother and his partner who will be expecting their baby girl in just 4 weeks.

I didnt take any props, I didnt want it to be pretentious and if it turned out horribly wrong, I didn’t look like a total  fool. I didn’t know what to expect when I got to the house as they’d just moved in the week before. Luckily, the walls were neutral colours and the lighting was decent.

My brother’s girlfriend has a tiny figure and long legs, perfect model figure and her bump is perfect. This is why I think this shoot worked so well. I’ve not edited her or the bump at all, just the lighting.

For these images, I asked E to stand in front of the window and shut the blind…I was getting the houses across the street in the image! As you can see, the window frame is not quite symmetrical, but it was worse before I edited. After abit of straightening, I was able to correct the image. As I was going to focus with E’s sillouette rather than her expression, I asked her to turn to the side, place her hands on her bump and look down/ look straight ahead.




E was alittle conscious of how her make up looked but isnt she gorgeous! She asked me to touch up her face but I left her face and body alone, just changed the lighting in this one.



E is stood directly next to the window in this image, the light is coming through the window behind her. Again, I asked her to turn side ways to get the full extent of her beautiful bump. She was getting the hang of what she should be doing  with her hands so I didnt have to give her much direction. All I’ve done again is edited the lighting and as she is having a girl, thought I’d do something fun and add pink.


Beds are a good back drop to use at they are symmetrical. I use them when taking pictures of my family. E had a written pattern on her bedding but I was able to edit the lighting so the ttext didn’t stand out so much. As she had a skirt on, it was logical to cross her legs but also accentiuated her bump. As she touched her bump and looked lovingly at it, she looked like a mum-to-be totally in love with her baby. She loved the shoot, her smiles are natural, just thinking about the precious life she’s about to give birth to. The shoot took all of 10 minutes. All her friends and family were downstairs enjoying her baby shower so I had to be quick!



Needless to say, she loved the pictures and so did I.



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