A piece of nature


I’m a fan of utilising the resources around us in everyday life. I think too much money is spent on materialistic items for ourselves, for example clothes and jewellery, and especially items for the home. If you look around my home, you’ll see sauce jars turned into vases, second-hand pieces and refurbished furniture. You can see a little of these items here.

One thing I’m fond of is using botanical pieces. I detest those plastic artificial flowers and branches but can’t always justify spending money on flowers. Not because I’m tight, but because it’s wasted money as they die so soon.

I’m working on my collection in the garden at the moment. When we moved in, the whole garden was decked and I hated that I couldn’t see green. I made P rip some of the decking up (we had to compromise on the amount of decking) and we’ve laid turf for the children. Next will be my planting and vegetable patch. I can’t wait for this!


So, as I can’t use my own resources, I search and find items from time to time. These pussy willow branches fell off a tree near my house and as I was passing, I popped them onto the pram. I thought they made a nice addition to the mantle along with all my second-hand accessories.


These I picked up today from a Blossom tree, very fitting don’t you think? We had a storm last week and apparently the lightning uprooted the tree. So I didn’t think anyone would mind. We actually have 3 of these trees in the garden but they are only babies, but next year I may be able to use them around the house.





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