Party Invitations – Free Printable

I searched for a long time for a printable invitation for L’s 5th birthday party. I had no luck. The invites I found online either lead nowhere-to a dead website or didn’t download very well. A lot of the invites were cheesy with strange characters that just looked cheap, like princess’s my little girl didn’t recognise.

She wasn’t happy with them and I began to get really frustrated! In the end, I couldn’t find anything we both agreed on, so we just had the invitations given to us by the party organiser. I know it sounds bad. However, L had really enjoyed a ‘go kart’ track at a local farm a few months before (she’s a bit of a tomboy when it comes to physical activity) and we found out that they organised children’s parties so we hired them for the day.

The invites were included in the price and after a lot of stressful organising of the party food and cake (I made it all myself) and also with a 6 week old baby to look after, I just gave in to the invites.

I have recently started creating wedding stationary for my future wedding in 2014  2015 , God knows…and I mean that in the literal Christian sense….I will leave it in his hands. I wish I had picked this up a lot earlier because I could have really used this in my business and the many events/parties I had planned. Anyhow, it’s here now and I wanted to share it with you, for FREE.

Here are two children’s party invitation. They are quite simple but I think they are lovely.

Please feel free to download these and pin them. Let me know what you think and if you use them, I’d love to see!

blue boy invite



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