Day 1 – A Coastal Walk


It’s got to be done…It’s the first day of our holiday and we’re travelling to North Wales to visit the beautiful village of Abersoch. We have to take pictures of our drive down, it’s tradition. I’m actually driving, ( not blogging at the same time might I add) so P is in charge of the camera for the journey. He’s taken a picture of each of us individually in the car and a rather badly done selfy. I’ll leave these out. :-)


There’s an imaginary boundary on the drive down from England to Wales for everyone. For me, it’s this landmark. Apparently, it’s the face of a witch on the side of the hill, (according to P, but this is the first I’ve heard of it) and there’s a story that goes with it ( which he forgot ).  As I was growing up, I was told it was the face of a monkey. Anyway, we are well on our way and to the right hand side of the car, is the coast! I’m beginning to get quite excited in the car, as is L.


We arrive at our home for the next 5 days and I’m pleasantly surprised. We normally book to stay in a caravan which I love as it’s quite nostalgic for me, all those British family holidays I had with my parents when I was growing up.


However, as there’s usually a lack of some mod cons, ( such as central heating! ) and we have baby T as a new addition, we decided a more modern habitat would be best this year. We were given the keys to a lovely lodge that had everything we desired and more.


It even had a washer/ dryer and a DVD player. Gosh, I sounded so giddy when I got inside, but I really expected a very basic living accommodation.


We arrived quite late in the afternoon and after unpacking, decided to take a walk along the coast which was conveniently just a 2 minute walk from our lodge.


Isn’t it beautiful!


As an in-lander, I feel a lot of appreciation for the sea. I think it’s a truly amazing work of art and an incredible natural occurence. I could stay here all evening watching the tide and the colours changing in the sky. However, I know I’ll be back tomorrow to train for my Great Manchester Run. I’m in awe of the sea, as you can tell from the many pictures I took of it throughout our stay.


We’re not actually in Abersoch at this point, we’re in Pwllheli at a Haven site. It’s ideally located to discover this part of north Wales and has entertainment for the children, including a swimming pool for all ages.

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