Day 2 – More Coast

It’s our first full day on holiday and the weather is clearly not listening to the weather man. We have therefore put off our trip to Abersoch beach to do some fun activities with L & T. However, we stayed up late the night before with the evening entertainment, then had to wake up bright and early at 6am ( baby T to blame for that ) so we are rather tired today. We manage to hit the swimming pool late morning after bacon butties and a grocery shop in Pwllheli to last us the rest of the week. The on site shops prices are phenomenal and I would rather travel the 4 miles into town to save the cash.

With baby T still so young, I would have loved to have taken picture of one of the first trips in the pool but all that nonsense about inappropriate behaviour around children has stopped me from capturing these precious first memories. After getting back from swimming, we are still wiped out and the thought of driving any distance to do a physical activity around North Wales is becoming unattractive.


The best I can suggest is taking a walk along the coast next to out lodge.

The weather began to change as we were mid walk and it turned out quite lovely and eventful!


081 090#2

We had a lovely walk and discovered another beach and another amazing view of the sea and Snowdonia.


We were also attacked by a swarm of these strange black creatures and eventually had to turn back the way we came.


L was in her prime and would have stayed on the beach all afternoon if she had gotten her own way.


For a change, it was P asking could we go back.


L picks flowers where ever she goes and I keep saying we will get her pad to press them.


Having quite a collection by the time we got back to the lodge, I had remembered bringing my watercolour pad and paints.


We quickly popped them in my pad and will hopefully have a pretty pressed flower picture as a souvenir of our day. You can see them here.


After an evening meal out, we took a walk to the adventure park and ran into some ducks. Literally…I was taking pictures of the sun in the tress and realised the geese were almost under my feet! The ducklings, however, were a lot more tempting to take pictures of.




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