DIY Boutineer

It’s wedding season! I had actually forgotten that it’s nearly June, as the weather here has been dreadful! Also, I’ve not done much planning for my own wedding until we find a venue. I did actually find a venue but P, I have recently realised, actually does care where we get married after all and is being a bit of a snob about it. So my plans for that route the original venue have been scraped.

Anyway, knowing how expensive weddings can be, I plan to make as much as possible myself. One of the big expenses in weddings are the flowers. I love fresh flowers and nothing can beat them. I hate artificial or plastic flowers. I always have, ever since I was little.

If you can’t afford flowers, whether it’s for your wedding or your home, DO NOT, under any circumstances, buy artificial flowers. It instantly makes everything look cheap. Instead, use an alternative to fresh flowers. Like here in one if my earlier posts.

So, for my wedding, one of the items I’m planning on making myself instead of buying fresh is boutineers or button holes.


I wanted to see if I could make them first of all so I when I came across these items at my local florist trade warehouse, I picked them up. I’ve seen similar items at my local haberdashery but the selection was bigger at country baskets. I picked these items simply because I knew I’d use them again for other craft activities.

The brown leaves are natural and amazing but very delicate. I thought they’d make a lovely foundation for pieces other items and building onto it. I them saw these and thought they worked beautifully together. ( I was originally planning an autumn wedding) there’s a number 3 rule in floristry so I needed one smaller item as my topper.

I live button and even collect them. Not like a weird obsession or anything but if my clothes come with spares, I’ll cut them off and I’ve a see a bag at a vintage stall going cheap, ill pick some up. I once got a bag of 100 mixed ivory and white vintage buttons for a quid. I did spend about 15 finding all the ones that I liked best though. But it was worth it as I know they’ll come in handy for the wedding.

I already had floristry tape which is ace! It’s a non sticky tape that you use to bind stems etc together but it’s almost like it glues straight away. It moulds to whatever you need it to when you wrap it but if you make a mistake, you can just take it right off, no probs.

The hay I’d picked up from hobby craft as an Easter craft and knew it would work well with an autumn rustic feel. I already had the string which comes in handy all the time…. For everything! I got this from the post office.

Items needed:


Glue Gun,

3 different types of decorative items

String or something to wrap around the stem

Florist’s tape.

( coffee)

So here we go, here are my items I’m using.

The bobble stalk that I’m using has 4 branches, but my rule of 3 says I need to cut one off.


The leaves are very delicate, it may take you a few tries to get this right. Place a very small amount of glue at the base of the leaf but the top of the stem and gently glue the base of the bobble stems ( or whatever you’re using ) together. As you can see, the branches and the leaf starts at the same point.


Now rip a length, ( maybe 30cm to begin with ) and begin to wrap the stem from the top to the bottom and continuously until you have a desired thickness. Remember, you’re going to put another layer on top of this of your chosen string, so not too thick.


You can either glue your starting piece of sting or tie a knot but start at the stop of the stem. When you get to the bottom of the stem, you may need to glue the string to the taped stem as it may unwrap. Carry on wrapping the string until you get to the top and tie or glue.

052 054

At this point, if you’re happy with your stem, you can add your last 3rd topper item.


I tied my hay around the stem to finish it off and then applied glue to the base of the leaf and bobble branch to secure it. I then applied my chosen button and I’m all finished.


Thanks for reading!



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