Day 3 – Abersoch Beach

So todays weather had started out quite pleasant and the forecast for the rest of the week said rain. So we headed out to Abersoch beach thinking it would be our last chance to enjoy the beach there.

P had said I was being optimistic with the weather. I packed L’s swimming costume, the children’s sun hats, sun creams and a sun tent etc. I was just being cautious. The last thing I wanted was to get caught on the beach on a red-hot day without taken any precautionary measures towards sun safety. At least we have everything we needed, if we needed it, and the children would be happy and safe.


We arrived in the village to find it eerily quiet. I have never seen it like this but this is a village that thrives on the hot weather to bring tourists and locals to their shops, cafes and boutiques. Today was cloudy, windy and out of season.



We made our way up the deserted slipway which takes a few minutes walk uphill. It’s all worth it. It peaks and as you walk over the hill, you are suddenly given an amazing view of the beach below. It takes my breath away…everytime. Even more so because I know what’s at the bottom of the hill. It’s almost as if its a door to another world, another life that’s free from the stresses of daily life, another dream filled with wonder, new and old magical memories.

May I introduce to you, Abersoch Beach:

339 294 287

303 344


374 361#2 353 319


What attracted me in this picture was the bunting in the window and the chalk boars. Then I realised I could see the reflection of the huge kite someone was flying on the beach behind me.

We didn’t stay long, maybe an hour and a half. It was windy and quite chilly so we didn’t want the children to get cold. As you can see, it’s deserted. We had it all to ourselves.

P had suggested that we not come to the beach today as the weather wasn’t fantastic. I think a beach trip for him has to be warm and sunny, but the beach is open whatever the weather and can be enjoyed at any time.

P hates the sand. He’s one of those folk that hates the feel of it in between his toes, on his skin. I’m the total opposite. I love this oxytocin inducing feeling. It’s as if all my troubles have melted away once my shoes are off.


It seems quite silly to drive 2 1/2 hours to get to a beach destination and then not want to venture onto it. It’s one of my favourite places in the whole world so if we didn’t visit the beach, we should have just visited an inland destination like The Lake District.

It was still early afternoon when we left the beach so we headed over in the other direction to Porthmaddog to visit their quaint boutiques, charity shops and local produce shops.

On the way there, we passes Criccieth and stopped to take a picture of their coastal castle.


I bought a beautiful red rose tea set here last year. Haven’t had to use it yet but I will…my friend’s bridal shower is in 3 weeks!

433 434

We came across these bright red strawberries and cherries and had to buy some. Don’t they look delicious!


We bought doughnuts from this wonderful super-shop. She opened the shop a few months back and I was so pleased to hear that she’s been doing really well and selling out of stock, considering it’s not holiday season! I thought the shop had a wondeful vinatge feel to it. The windows, door and tiling to the front of the shop was all orgianal and the I love the colour of the door.




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