DIY studded shorts


The short (VERY) short shorts seemed to begin its trend around the time I was 16 weeks pregnant – last summer. I remember being in a beer garden in the city celebrating a friend’s birthday (sober) when the waitress collected our empty glasses and turned to walk away. The whole table starred in horror ( well the girls ) and the boys, well, they just stared. The waitress’ shorts were the skimpiest thing I have ever seen in my life and made me blush! They showed half of her cheeks. SHOCK. I was so glad to be pregnant and not have to participate in this competition for the shortest shorts, therefore being a fashionable girl woman.

Mid pregnancy, P and I had a car-boot sale. Our stall were back to back with two girls selling clothes and even though I couldn’t fit in much, I kept looking at what they were selling and found myself hovering over a pair of denim shorts. I bet the girls thought I was mental. I was fat, pregnant and wearing the most undesirable sky jacket to keep me warm in the cold winter. But, I am beginning to learn not to let other people’s judgements, or assumed judgements, put me off.

I bought them.  In the hope and the idea of losing all my baby weight, and then some, to be stylish again, I wanted to get in these shorts.

Towards the end of my pregnancy, I felt awful. I’d put on 3 extra stone and really couldn’t imagine getting my figure back. I put the idea of ever getting into these shorts to the back of my mind. Instead,  I thought I’d play around with customising them and giving them to a friend.


They were a really boring denim colour so I left them to soak in bleach and water to see what happened. It took a few tries and eventually, the colour started to come out. There’s even a little pink in there from the original dye. When we moved home 7 days after T was born, I stored them away but last week, when I asked P to get my summer clothes out of the loft, there they were. Having lost all of my 3 stone and aiming to lose an extra 7lb, I decided I was going to keep these myself and carry on with customising them!



I had bought lots of different studs when I was pregnant to play around with customising bags and jewellery so I decided to add some of these to the shorts.



It was so easy! Took me 5 minutes to do. Now all I need to do is tan up so I can show them off! To be honest, I’ve not actually tried them on yet. But then again, I think I’ve put a few pounds on in the last 2 weeks since going on holiday and eating non-paleo food.

I will do that, soon…



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