Is this stylish?

I seem to get a good response when writing about fashion so I thought a new post would make a nice change from what I’ve been doing lately. I did a little research, by starting with Elle magazine. I love Elle, always have. They tell you about new trends months before they appear on the highstreet and as I’m usually quite slow to catch on, this is ideal for me.

I started my subscriptions with Elle a couple of years ago but stopped reading them when I found myself glued to my tablet instead. So now, I read their website and download their mag when I feel the need for a fashion boost.

So I was a little shocked to see this on the front page of Thinking it would give me some ideas of what to wear to Camp Bestival.  I decided against following their advice this time.

We all know that to look individual rather than a sheep makes you stand out. That’s what we want right? To look different from the crowd and for the others to think, ‘oh, she looks cool’ ‘ love her outfit’ ‘ she looks like fun to hang out with’.

However, when I saw this, the kind if comments I would be coming out with are, ‘ oh dear, what charity shop did she get that from’ ‘did her grandma give her that’. You know I love charity shops but there are some  mad crazy shit in those baskets that should never be owned again!

It looks like Elle have simply picked the most random, craziest, ugliest fashion styles in the whole festival. I bet they set themselves a challenge for the weirdest outfit. Well, number 24  won it for me.


To be fair, there are a few pieces in there that aren’t that bad but pieced together? Number 1 starts off quite tame but they get progressively worse.

Is this fashion/ style? Should I just ditch my whole wardrobe now and go on a mad ‘weirdest clothes you can find’ hunt now?

I really don’t want to offend, I just think we need to be careful from now on about the fashion advice we read.



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