Keeping it in the Family

My cousin was recently married and I had the pleasure of celebrating this day with him and his wife. We have a HUGE family and as it was only a small wedding, I was very honoured.

When I say HUGE, I mean 12 aunties and uncles, their partners, their children, their children and their children! Thats just our side, then there was my cousin’s wives family to consider.

My mum (my cousins aunty) has 7 children (I’m in the middle) and we all, of course, have oun families. So the wedding was for around 60 people and I think there was some hurt feelings on the day.

Anyway, when I recieved the ‘Save the Date, my cousin also emailed me and asked if I would make their wedding cake! I was so pleased and of course I said yes. After sampling some of my different flavoured cupcakes, they decided on a rasperry sponge with vanilla buttercream.Their 3 tier cake was covered with white fondant and dressed in purple roses. I’ve made a few wedding cakes in the past few years and I love the end product but it’s just so much hard work and pressure! I worked non stop on this cake for 3 days with a 3 month old baby and a 5 year old to look after…I really dont know how I managed it.


I regretably, didn’t take any pictures of the cake set up in the wedding reception room but I took an iphone pic whilst it was still in my kitchen.

This will be my last wedding cake….until I make my own of course.


I also took along my trusted camera and took some sneaky pictures. I love this one.


And for a wedding present ( even though I am yet to send it across ) I made this print and framed it. Better get onto that….



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