From Blackpool Tower to Eiffle Tower

We recently went on a trip to Blackpool to see the sights, enjoy the beach and ride on the fairground. I love that Blackpool is only about an hours drive from us and once you get there, you can spend as little or as much cash as you like.

There’s the Pleasure Beach, of course, but I really do think that the price of admission is extortionate, especially when Lily is only 5 and can only go on so many rides. Also, as an adult, we don’t ride unless its to accompany L but we still have to pay an admission price whether we ride or not.


So instead we enjoy the pier rides where we can pay per ride. L loves it! This way, we get to walk the promenade where in the day we have the scenic beach to take in, then in the evening, the famous, Blackpool Illuminations.


We enjoy a diet if fish and chips, finished off with ice cream or candy floss. We take home rock for the family and treat L to a souvenir.


Recently I had realised that I’ve not travelled as much as I would have liked and with having baby T now, it’s become quite difficult.


With my new love of photography, I have decided to save up and treat myself to a short city break. One city I’ve always wanted to travel is Paris and I think this will be an amazing photographic opportunity for me.

033 050 016

So this week, I’m booking my city break to Paris…by myself!! That way, I go when I want, for how long I want and do what u want when I get there, otherwise ill be waiting months to get this trip booked if someone ragged along. So for now, here’s Blackpool tower….but soon, le Eiffel tower! Oui!




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