Me, Myself and I


I finally booked Paris! Not only that but I’m going alone! How daunting…

Every time it comes up in conversation, I am asked, ‘Why’. But the answer is so simple. I like being my myself. There’s a differene between being alone and being by yourself.

Alone to me suggests the absence of someone else. The time you spend alone, is time spent without another person. Your time alone is evaluated not by the quality of experience but by the absence of people.

I am going simply to spend time with me. I’m not going as a mother, a partner, a daughter or as an individual seriously lacking in confidence and self esteem after the breakdown of her family.

I’m going as me, the girl, yes girl, as I still don’t feel like a 30 year old woman. I feel mid 20s. Also, I want to rediscover the 23 year old me before I met the childrens father. I feel that in the past 7 years I’ve lost that fun seeking, happy, energetic and weird part of myself that everyone loved about me. As my mum says, ‘you’re not you anymore’.

The past 9 weeks of being a single mum have been exhausting for me. Baby T isn’t sleeping through still yet and he’s 7 month old!

Last week, I got to have a full night without the children. It was fantastic. I woke up mid morning and the realisation that I had slept naturally without a baby crying or a child climbing into my bed because of a nightmare was such an exhilarating feeling.

So the thought of 3 nights and 4 days of me, myself and I…. Well you can imagine. I am so excited!!!!

Today I came across this little tourist book about cafes and restaurants around Paris.

As I’m staying in a dorm/hotel, I read somewhere that earplugs are a good item to take with me. The eye mask will come in handy at home. The book cost me 50p and the plugs cost 69p. Bargains!


The above pic is really significant for me. That’s me. The me that I haven’t seen in a long time. It was last week, I was at a close friends wedding, I was surrounded by lots of friends and I felt really good about myself. I haven’t seen this part of me since before I was pregnant with baby T. Welcome back me!

I found this on Facebook. So very true.

“When a woman becomes her own best friend life is easier” – Diane von Furstenberg.


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