Spring in York

I travelled to York today for the first time with my children. Isn’t it strange when you live so close to somewhere but you’ve never visited there? We had a lovely day and I took my camera with me.


The last time I posted on this blog was in Nov 2013. A lot has happened since then but the one thing that has changed that I would like to share today is my beloved camera. It goes with me everywhere and I now have quite a collection of lenses since I bought it in January.


The last time I posted pictures, they were from my Nikon bridge camera. Even my Paris pictures are taken with my bridge, which gives me a good reason to return there soon, only this time with my Pentax. I can’t wait to get it booked, I just have to decide which season to travel in next as I’ve already catured autumn.


So today we visited York, around 60 miles from my home. Usually, I like to do a bit of research about the place I’m visting but today, I went with the flow. We had glorious weather, for a change, which allowed me to take some creative images. These were taken at York Minster, a church with a 2000 year history.


I tried out my new lens first and these next images are directly off my sim card. The only change I have made is the watermark. These images are purely unedited. Arn’t they interesting!


I’m really interested in making images look older than they are. This can be easily done digitally but I’m a big believer in very little editing. Instead, I try to take to take the best picture I can so I don’t have to edit it later in Photoshop. I also like to manipulate images once they’ve been printed, but that’s for a different post. My next mission is dark room photography which I’ll be learning in September…I’ve already started buying my vintage 35mm film cameras!


So like I said, these images are taken straight off my Pentax K500 but they had a special lens on to create the effect shown. Mostly, its the blurred effect I was going for but as I looked to the sun, it gave off a rainbow like halo. Just heavenly, espcially given the location…..





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