Woodland Fairy

No word of a lie, for 3 years now, I have wanted to do a photo-shoot at this one nature park because it’s so woody and fairytale like. However, 3 years ago, I didn’t even own a camera and had to depend on photographers to take the shots for me. I never got round to planning the shoot and gave it all up after I had my baby.Dark Fairy 3

I now only live 2 miles away from this park and I also own a pretty amazing camera. For around 6 weeks now, I’ve been thinking again about doing a shoot here but haven’t got round to it.

Dark Fairy 2

Yesturday, my appointment got cancelled and I was left with the need to do something productive with my day whilst the children were at school and nursery. Thomas has dropped down to 3 days at nursery now that I’m not at Uni so I can still work and I wanted to utilise the time.

Dark fairy 1

So I made a quick post on facebook offering my services as a photographer for anyone that needed them, complimentary of course. My friend, S, from Uni liked the comment and I quickly text her with all my ideas of what we could. The thing with S is, she’s fantastic at everything art-like. She’s a singer, entertainer, dancer, artist and therefore has an creative, outgoing personality. No shyness with S, I knew she’d agree to do anything, wear anything and pose anything I wanted.

Dark Fairy 5

The funny thing is, she even turned up with her own props, make up and hair done and a change of outfits!

Dark Fairy 6

So….down to the woodland park we went, loaded with 4 cameras, 4 lenses, a light reflector, a box of props we’d both contributed to and mini wardrobe for S.


We had a few comments from the passers-by, met another tog, had a run in with the squirrals and dogs, some wardrobe malfunctions and got a bit dirty.Dark Fairy 7

But I finally did it! I got the pictures I had always wanted and it’s all thanks to S.

Dark Fairy 8

Even though it was a sunny day, the spot where these were taken weren’t so bright so I’ve gone with a darker, sinister feel to these images. There’s just something creepy about them but also very beautiful.

Dark Fairy 9



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