A Walk In The Park

I have a very good friend who has a toddler the same age as T so we try and have play days together on days off. It doesn’t happen often recently, she works overtime and my classes are always changing.


However, we managed to book a couple of hours this week and took a walk around a local water park in Manchester. I take my camera with my everywhere now.


Too many occasions have I been out and about, spotted something I wanted to photograph and realised the camera was at home.


It’s often the landscape or the wild flowers that initiate my trigger finger but this week, I couldn’t resist Maddie. She is a beautiful baby with amazing eyes and wild hair. My friend is blessed with gorgeous children. I remember when Maddie was a small baby and my friend said to me,


‘ Everyone thinks their child is beautiful, but people tell me all the time, she really is isn’t she?’ And she is.


It was a gorgeous June day but we’ve had a lot of rain too lately so Maddie had her wellies on.

_IMG4551She had lots of fun splashing in the puddles and loved having the freedom of walking by herself. Dougie came too, my friends dog who adores Maddie. It took me 5 minutes and I was done.

_IMG4508I wanted to get some lovely close ups of Maddie so I used a 50mm f1.8 lens the whole time.





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