Urban Chic -Vintage streets

This week has been a bit of a photography world wind. I’ve been on 3 shoots,  organised multiple more with various companies and have been given the opportunity to work as a photographers assistant on an advertising shoot with an amazing photographer.

There’s been late nights and rushed car journey’s to pick up the children but it’s all been worth it.

The week started off with a shoot with a beautiful young girl. She’s the girlfriend of a friend of mine that occasionally models for a photographer she knows. Knowing that she had experience in front of the camera, I nervously emailed her hoping she didn’t think I was a weirdo wanting to take her pictures!

Having little experience of photographing ‘real’ people, (not my children or family members) I wanted to gain some portfolio work of working with clients. My children are fed up of me taking pictures of them and I need to show what I am capable of if I want to start charging for my services.


I knew that A, we should call her, would be relaxed and could direct herself with my assistance. The idea was to note down mentally everything she did, learn as much as possible from her and then take it forward to future shoots.

I was extremely nervous leading up to meeting up. I’d had very little time to plan the original idea I’d had for the shoot so I decided to utilise what was available to me and shoot on the streets of Manchester City Centre. Loaded with a box of props, my backpack camera bag and 8 black and white balloons, I sat outside TeaCup with a latte, doing that thing were you worry you won’t remember what they look like. (I’m not the only one am I)

_IMG4935 copy

I’d asked A to choose particular items from her wardrobe that would coincide with the theme. A has amazing afro hair and freckles which I wanted to draw attention to, so I asked her to wear little make up and her hair loose. She arrived perfect with no make up and when she told me she’s not had time, I jumped in telling her not to apply any. She was perfect as she was.

_IMG4850 copy

 So off we went through Manchester. I’d recently done an urban shoot in The Northern Quarter as part of my degree so remembered some interesting spots and back drops for A. We found new places and props to use along the way, such as this car that was covered in moss.

The main theme for this shoot was reflection and portraiture and I’m confident I captured everything I aimed for in the 90 minutes of shooting we had.

I took a lot of pictures and it seemed a shame to put them all in one post so here is the first installment, Vintage Streets. A mixture of black & white and sepia images of A exploring the city. featuring our famous balloons, a little reflection and the vintage car.

More this week!



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