Light Boudoir

I’ve always liked the idea of shooting boudoir but found that a lot of women are shy when it comes to exposing their own bodies, even to a female friend taking their picture. I’d had a shoot done a few years ago by a very talented lady who made me feel amazing and therefore I looked confident on my pictures. There was lots of hair products/ make-up and glamorous underwear involved and I was happy to go along with it all. Almost every inch of my body was under the camera’s eye and my whole body can be clearly seen in all of the images. I would love to do it again after having another baby and growing my hair out.



However, I think there are only a select group of women that are comfortable in seeking this type of boudoir out. After discovering more about my female friends when it comes to body confidence, I realised that not everyone wants to show all of their body parts, even if they do agree to be photographed.

_IMG5587 copy

So I had the idea to produce a softer, lighter type of boudoir that’s more suggestive. One of my Uni friends is a glamour model and I knew she’d she perfect for my first shoot. She knew what to do with her body in terms of where to put her hands, not to always look at the camera and to be confident enough to try my type of photography. I learnt so much from R and I had so much fun trying to take shots in a small double bedroom on a blazing hot summers day!

_IMG5603 copy

We shot everything in her bedroom just to make it quick and easy. Her bedroom had great lighting and the outdoor sunshine helped.

_IMG5593 copy

To begin with, R wore a simple black and white satin underwear set with a white vest that I bought for her to wear. The vest was perfect to give the female a little more confidence to move freely around a room without feeling too on show, it had a slight transparency and was thigh length._IMG5609x

R loves red lipstick and wore this for the shoot, it really popped in the photo’s and I’m glad she made that decision. She had a hat box and I found this lovely fascinator¬†that I used to focus in on for her body shots. I found this was a great prop and since bought a small selection. I added the pearls for a little sophistication.


R was lovely to work with and looks amazing. She’s a mother and still has her own body confidence issues. However she loves her body and accepts that it’s hers and that she’s grown a child inside her.

_IMG5605 copy

Thank you R! You were wonderful and beautiful!




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