Sucker for Succulents

I’ve been growing my own succulents for about 12 months now. They are so easy to grow and so cheap to buy. As you know from my post about buying flowers here and how I don’t like to waste, it’s easy to see why I love these amazing sustainable plants.


When you’re picking up a succulent, be sure to look for one that has lots of baby succulents with it like this one. These babies can be used at cuttings, in the simplest sense of the word, and saved for future use.


The best way to do this is to cut the head of the succulent as far up the stem as possible. The closer to the head, the better the plant will root and grow. The further down the stem, the woodier it will be and less likely to root.


Cut all of the baby heads off and put them to one side. Then cut the base of the main succulent head. Usually, you need to let the succulents breath for a few days and dry out before re-potting them. This always works better.


I’ve used a GU dessert dish to plant my succulent, it makes a lovely little potter. Once you’ve let the head dry out, simply place it on the surface of the soil.


This sounds too easy doesn’t it but is all you need to do. The plant will simply root itself knowing that nutrients are nearby in the soil.


You can even take off a leaf the main succulent and it will root itself. I’ve left a few babies attached to the main head and to fill out the pot, also put a baby in there too with some small stones from the garden.


You know me, ever so resourceful….




2 thoughts on “Sucker for Succulents

  1. this one is called hens and chickens and I think they only thrive outside, they are very winterhardy but need protection from the rain so I put mine in an unheated but light space

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