Halo Love

I had the lovely opportunity to work with a fabulous hair and beauty salon owner in Wigan. Her Salon, Denaro Hair and Beauty is a massively popular place for ladies to get all the beauty needs from massage to nails, hair extension to bridal make-up. Her hair extensions are one of her most popular bookings she gets and I was intrigued. I contacted her about doing a possible photo shoot around these famous hair extension.




I had a little shock when I walked into her salon and she was 8 1/2 months pregnant! And then quickly learned her name was Emmy, very similar to mine. Emmy is very business driven and customer service driven. Firstly at mid 20’s she owns her own salon with plans to extend, she’s just bought a new home, having a baby and is in the process of producing her very own brand of hair extensions.




With all this going on, she’s the nicest lady. Her customers repeatedly come back to book with her and have nothing but positive comments to say about her business. She treats her customers very well and because of this, they’re loyal.

We quickly got about planning a photo-shoot and got it all boxed off in an hour with everything we both wanted to achieve. I had recently scouted a great location (ssshhhhhhhhhh) that would be perfect in Cheshire, with lots of lush, green leaves and a look of the amazon rainforest.





Emmy wanted to show her clients and prospective clients that anyone can wear extension, any age, any size, any hair colour. We decided on style of clothes and Emmy contacted one of her local dress-maker shop owner who provided lots of lovely changes for the ladies.

Emmy was also doing make-up for the ladies and pulled in one of her college friends to help with 2 of the ladies whilst she did the hair.

I had really wanted to do a shoot with floral crowns/ halos but couldn’t find anything on the high-street like what I wanted. Being creative, I decided to make one myself with some past experience in accessory design.

So above is just some of the gorgeous girls from our ‘Rainforest Beauty’ shoot and here is the very pregnant Emmy applying make-up on the morning of the shoot.


Hair by Emmy at Denaro Hair and Beauty

Make-up by Emmy at Denaro Hair and Beauty 

Make-up by Jamie at Jamie Simm MUA

Dress’s from Hanya at Fabulous Fashion by Hanya

Photography by E.K Photography

Halo’s by E.K Photography

Umbrella’s/parasol photographers own

Styling by Emmy and Emmylou.

Models Caitlyn, Lauren and Becca.


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