Fun in the Sun

T and I took a trip to the beach last week. It’s not often we get to have a day together, just the two of us, but Lily was still at school.

The weather didn’t start of great, it was raining when we arrived and I has shorts and flip-flops on. We found a cafe on the promenade to have breakfast in and by the time we stepped out, we had glorious weather.

I’d been to Blackpool the year before with my bridge camera and posted a few snaps here. Having my DSLR with me this time, I decided to redo some of the those pictures.

We went on Central pier and Thomas enjoyed a few rides. The big wheel was ready to take passengers but I’m not a fan…when I’m sober apparently. (I was going through iPhone pictures the day after Parklife to find selfies 100ft up on a big wheel! I have no recollection of that whatsoever)
_IMG9241 _IMG9251 _IMG9264 _IMG9278 _IMG9287 _IMG9289 _IMG9298 _IMG9305 _IMG9318 _IMG9321 _IMG9323 _IMG9326 _IMG9332There’s a spot at the end of the pier that has become one of my favourite spots to just sit and relax to enjoy the sun going down. It’s quite emotional and is really amazing being surrounded by water on 3 sides. At sunset, you watch the sunset, turn round and watch the Blackpool tower lights and illuminations being turned on. It’s a great moment and I love sharing it with my children just as my parents shared it with me.

T and I walked down to the beach which was extremely quiet and had a play with the bucket and spade and chasing the seagulls down.



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