Behind the scenes

I love shooting behind the scenes photos. I used to be a behind the scenes supplier and would love a good pictures of me working away to use for my business. Professional photos by a good photographer is always priceless and I always appreciated them when I got them. It also shows all the hard work that goes into producing these shoots. There was quite a few hours prep before the shoot and I wanted to capture the talented ladies at work.

I got to the salon a few hows before the shoot began knowing we had 3 girls to get ready. There were 2 brilliant make-up artists, one being the hair stylist also for all 3 girls.

Emmy, the salon owner, specialises in hair extension. All the girls had previously had their hair extensions put in by Emmy, and then on the day hair styling. Emmy then did Lauren’s make-up ( she’s also doing Lauren’s bridal make-up when she get’s married in September ) including air-brushing. Jamie, also a make-up artist and specialising in special effect make-up, did Caitlyn and Becca’s make-up.

Emmy was also heavily pregnant at the time of the shoot so it was nice to get some shots of her lovely bump.

So here is Denaro Hair & Beauty commercial shoot with Jamie Simm MUA.

Models Becca, Lauren and Caitlyn.

_IMG7927 _IMG7930 _IMG7931 _IMG7947 _IMG7957 _IMG7971 _IMG7976 _IMG7980 _IMG7990 _IMG7994 _IMG7996 _IMG7997 _IMG8013 _IMG8016 _IMG8020 _IMG8026 _IMG8043 _IMG8058 _IMG8063 _IMG8073 _IMG8078 _IMG8084 _IMG8091 _IMG8099 _IMG8117 _IMG8139 _IMG8145 _IMG8151 _IMG8177 _IMG8196


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