Bridal Boudoir

One of my friends is getting married in a few weeks but I won’t be able to attend. The idea was to take lots of lovely pictures of the gorgeous couple, however I have a family holiday. I wanted to do something for her considering I wouldn’t be there. When she told me how much she liked the boudoir photographs I’d done, we booked a session.

We had a chat about what types of photo’s she wanted and decided to make it bridal theme. Her images would be presented in a gift box her new husband  as a wedding present. We decided a veil, a bridal dressing gown, her wedding day shoes, some pretty underwear, a fascinator would make gorgeous contributions to the shoot.

L brought a friends veil ( not wanting to spoil the surprise ) a Victoria’s Secret gown, her wedding day Christian Louboutin shoes (divine) and some pretty underwear.

L owns a dance school and performs in shows as part of her business with her pupils. With a huge singing and dancing background, L can quite easily do her own make-up flawlessly and arrived at my house ready to go.

L’s a natural model given her dance background and was amazing. I worked with what she liked about her body and what she didn’t like, but she moved around the room with ease and confidence.

I had a lovely morning shooting her. The best part are her messages to me once she’d seen the finished images and showed her fiance.

She had said, as she received her gift and described opening it to me,

‘ It’s here! The box is so lovely… I’m going to have a quick look’  Then a few screams…’ Thank you so much, they are the best I’ve ever had of me. I love them all,’

Together,  L and her husband-to-be,  picked their favourite images. We also did a few cheeky ones but they’re just for husband and wife.

Doesn’t she look beautiful!

_IMG9395 copy _IMG9478 copy _IMG9574 copy 2 _IMG9604 copy _IMG9620 copy 2 _IMG9623 copy _IMG9629 copy 2 _IMG9875 copy _IMG9934 copy _IMG9957 _IMG9958 _IMG9969 _IMG9995 copy
















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