Girls in Converse

Back in May last year, I took some pictures on my bridge camera of my brothers pregnant girlfriend here_IMG6265. She was 9 months pregnant and I pulled her upstairs during her baby shower to quickly snap away. I love these images, Emma is so pretty and her bump looked so round and perfect.


This year, however, bump is now baby and she is named Hallie – Rae and I now have my fabulous Pentax. Hallie’s mummy and I organised an afternoon to take some pictures for her 1st birthday and to send to her daddy, my brother, as he’s away and won’t be able to celebrate it with her.


We went to a nature park local to Hallie, Tandle Hills in Oldham. It was a lovely setting and the weather was perfect.


Hallie has just started to walk, isn’t she clever! She was so happy and delightful to work with. She was simply enjoying picking the flowers and pulling them apart so I snapped away. I took a few props with me to use but the best shots I found are the ones I took just watching her interact with nature.


Hallie’s mummy was a little nervous in front of the camera so I tried to capture them together when we were moving from one area of the park to another, or when Hallie wanted a cuddle from her mummy. That way, mummy and baby both looked natural on the pictures.


Here’s just a few images from the shoot that I managed to edit for my brother. Miss you






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