Nature Girl

My daughter loves being outdoors and has done since since she was a baby. She collects sticks, rocks, leaves, flowers and calls herself a ‘nature girl’.

It’s the school holidays and I have a day with the children so we take a trip to a local nature park, Walton Gardens. It’s a lovely place with a petting zoo, a huge pond with carp, turtles and water lilies, little forest pathways, a huge play area and generally lots of green. The only charge is a small fee for parking.

I let Lily go off and do her own thing whilst I take pictures.

We have a lovely day, have a picnic and watched a bride turn up to her wedding in a canal boat to the manor house.

To book a similar session, pop me an email.



_IMG1553 _IMG1554 _IMG1556 _IMG1564 _IMG1565 _IMG1567 _IMG1568 _IMG1581 _IMG1587 _IMG1588 _IMG1589 _IMG1590 _IMG1603 _IMG1613 _IMG1616 _IMG1625 _IMG1647 _IMG1654



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