Shades of Grey

Baby Harris’ mum went into labour early and we missed our maternity shoot. She had him the day before the arranged shoot!

So I was over-joyed when she asked me to take some photos of baby and their new family.

Harris’ mummy and daddy are very busy parents at the minute. Remodelling their business and their new home during his arrival so we arranged to take the photo’s at Harris’ grandmother’s house.

Emmy and Danny (Harris’  parents) are a lovely young couple. We had a lovely peaceful and calm, relaxed morning with lots of cuddles. That’s not to say that the shoot was easy. Harris had been poorly after his release from the hospital and was still a little under the weather. He wanted to be cuddled lots and wanted to be covered. He moved every time I let go of him or gently moved the blanket, but he was a lovely baby to work with and we got some beautiful shots.

Emmy and Danny were great (thank you) and made my job so much easier.

I have got to say, I think grey is my favourite colour to photograph babies in. I think they’ve some out pretty well!

How beautiful is Baby Harris. Pictured here at 9 days old.

_IMG0978 copy _IMG0996 _IMG1008 _IMG1021 copy _IMG1028 copy _IMG0737 copy _IMG0791 copy _IMG0795 copy 2 _IMG0818 _IMG0827 _IMG0868 _IMG0872 copy _IMG0880 _IMG0895 _IMG0915 _IMG0921 _IMG0922 _IMG0935 _IMG0941



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