4 in a Bed

Jo asked me if I could take some photo’s of their new addition to the family, a fourth addition actually. Jo and Stuart have 4 wonderful children, their youngest being baby Mathilda. Jo also wanted photos of all the children together. With Mathilda being so young and mum still recovering, we did the shoot at their beautiful home.


I’d just done another new born baby shoot that morning and thought my second one of the day was going to be quite similar. Not at all. I’d had the idea in my head of the poses, the back drops, the props but I should have known that no two babies are the same. Mathilda was around 4 weeks old when I photographed her and spent most of the time awake. We tried some regular prop shots but she was so alert and was curious as to what was going on.

Mathilda was so wriggly and kept trying to kneel up! It was hilarious! So mum, Jo held her still to try and calm her. As she was doing so, I got this shot. One of my favourites.


We managed to get some important shots of Mathilda, all the small things.

So instead, I photographed her as she was been changed, soothed and nursed.

Matilda just wanted cuddles from her mummy.


Jo and Stuart has a lovely home full of character. It’s bright and airy with a hint of shabby chic. It was a perfect house for a photo shoot. Their children are also wonderful. They are very polite and respectful of each other and just a delight to be around. I photographed the older children together whilst Mathilda was being nursed. They get on together so well.

So the whole plan of the shoot went out of the window and what I got instead were some gorgeous pictures of family life. I just think these are so lovely, all the children playing together. What an amazing family.



After we decided Mathilda was finally ready for a sleep and the children went off to play, I picked up my daughter L from her school club and joined the family back at the house so the children could play. I couldn’t help but take some photo’s of Mathilda as she was sleeping in her pram in the hot summer air. L and A had a lovely time playing.

Thank you so much for letting me take your families photos and congratulations!


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