Hang on Heather

Today I went for an 11 mile walk with my sister around Castleton and up to Mam Tor. It’s been a while since I took my camera out with me, just for fun and I haven’t shot landscapes in a while.

We had a lovely day and my sister brought her dog along with us.

At the start of the walk, we had spotted a lonely tree at the top of the hill we were climbing and I managed to get it a few times in the photos.

Today’s blog is just an account of what I got up to today.












The strangeist thing about today was when I was between age  3-7, I lived a few doors away from a gorgeous big pedigree. My sister, 24 years later, lives on the same street, next door to where this dog lived. The owners are still there. Their dog was named Monty and I still remember him.

A couple of years ago, she started dating their son. The dog in the picture, Toby,  belongs to their son but all day I wanted to call him Monty, the dog that would have been his when he was younger. How weird is that!


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