I met Donna and Lisa 9 days before their wedding. They’d given themselves 2 weeks to plan their wedding. I have no idea how they did it.

We met in the garden where they were going to hold the ceremony and it looked completely different. All I know is the there was a lot of love and support from family and friends to make this day possible. Donna and Lisa have amazing people in their lives that not only helped them plan, organise and get their hands dirty, but that made the day truly special for the whole day and night.

I had such a wonderful day and they all made me feel so welcome that I felt like a part of their family. They even invited me to join in the celebrations after I finished shooting. It was an unforgettable day and night that I will always think fondly of.

Donna wore an ivory lace dress with some lace design pumps. Her cream rose bouquet had heart shaped diamante crystals.




Donna did her own hair and make-up for the ceremony and her mother helped her put her dress and veil on as the guests and Lisa eagerly awaited them in the garden.


Donna’s mother had also made a rainbow coloured garter for Donna to wear during the wedding!



Lisa had nervously waited for Donna to walk up the aisle. Her friend Nikki had held her hand to calm her nerves.



The ceremony was beautiful. Lots of smiles, laughs and cheers from their guests.



Donna and Lisa had arranged for a tattooist to tattoo their wedding ring (a double infinity sign) and their wedding date on their wedding fingers.



Then all the fun began! Lots of kisses and embraces, a bouncy for the children ( and the adults) photobooth fun and the bride pulling silly faces at me.



Donna and Lisa had two bridesmaids, Donna’s daughter Kaitlyn and Donna’s niece Louise. They had different dresses on to match their personality with pink and grey paper bouquets to keep. Kaitlyn wore a diamante tiara just like a princess.


After the ceremony, bubbly was handed our whilst Lisa made the speeches and Donna tearfully thanked everyone for all their help.


Lisa’s favourite drink is Bulmers, while Donna’s favourite drink is Bud. This not being a traditional wedding, their cake was their favourite edible bottles in an ice bucket! Instead of cutting the cake, they simply bit the lid off the bottles!


One one thing that I thought was so amazing through the day was the light that fell in the room where the ladies were getting their tattoos done. At one point I caught it on Donna’s arm, shaped like a love heart. It just summed up the day for me!











Congratulation Mrs and Mrs Holmes!


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